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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Here's how Halloween is happening this year and some ways you can celebrate!

Its October! And the fun thing of October is, of course, Halloween (and candy). However, we've still got a pandemic on our hands and we have to tweak our traditional celebration of this holiday that most children find crucial. Starting from the risks of deciding to trick or treat, there are plentiful. According to Dr. Kristin Hughes, children “could be coming home with a potentially deadly COVID-19 virus along with that snickers bar.” In addition to this, “It’s impossible to guarantee that those handing out candy will be wearing masks themselves.” You may be thinking what we were all told: Children don’t get COVID-19, do they? The answer we found now is yes, they do, and they may potentially transmit it. Dr. Tista Ghosh told Forbes that “Now evidence shows that kids can absolutely transmit the virus. This puts the people they interact with at risk, particularly if they have underlying conditions.” 

However, do NOT let this burst your bubble! There are alternitve ways to celebrate Halloween!

You can wear your costume and put on masks and gloves to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and go trick or treating if your area is not under coverage! If you and your family decide to take extra percautions this year, you can stay home and have a pumpkin carving contest! Just so you do not have children knocking at your door, put out a sign saying kindly that you have decided to sit this halloween in. If you do decide to give out candy, please make sure to come out with masks and gloves.

 For more information, visit the websites linked below!

Stay safe and wear a mask!

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Written by Daniella Agayeva


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