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The World is Changing

Oceans are renovating themselves; species are not dying anymore from human activity; and greenhouse gases are clearing up all from one cause and one cause only...the COVID-19 pandemic. All these upsides to a horrifying pandemic, and not once did humans think to make a change in their way of life to help the environment. They all occurred naturally without us actually having the intent to help the environment; people had to stay at home and that led to the economies shutting down. Homo sapiens need a “wake-up call” to comprehend and realize that COVID is horrible, but it opened our eyes to how well mother nature is doing without us. When you think about it, less human activity = a better Earth.

Venice, the city of busy boats and canals, when locked down; dolphins made an appearance. Insane right! Dolphins are literally roaming the waters of Venice because there isn't anyone to frighten or impair them. Waters have cleaned up which is now allowing animals to feel free and safe to swim about the sea. It’s heartbreaking when you think about it...we are the ones stopping them from feeling at liberty. We are the ones hurting them. And we are the ones polluting their waters.

In California alone, mountain lion roadkill victims have decreased by 58% and total animal roadkill victims have decreased by 21%. If similar statistics occurred across the United States of America, around 200 million animal lives would be sparred each year! Again, we are the ones hurting innocent animals for absolutely no reason. Call 911, they’ll send a vet. Try. The life of an animal should be saved when possible.

Greenhouses gases have decreased tremendously by around a whopping 20 MtCO2 every day. More species are able to live abundantly and the Earth has gotten cooler (referring to climate change). Yes, the economy plummeted and that effected many people, companies, and jobs. But the effect on our planet is indescribable, and incomparable. If people started to take the environment into account, our Earth would be a much better place. Making changes to our way of life would have immensely beneficial lasting effects on Earth’s habitats.

Even though COVID’s effect on our Earth is substantially good, scientist claim that the progress we have made will disappear once the Corona Virus migrates away. The cases of some countries like Italy and China, have already decreased and the benefits on the environment have started to dissipate. An article on National Geographic called: “Why Covid-19 will end up harming the environment” states: “Now, some experts fear that the world risks a future with more traffic, more pollution, and climate change that worsens faster than ever. It’s too soon to know whether that gloomy scenario will play out, but concerning signs seem to be growing all around the world.”

This repression is due to factories trying to make up for lost time. Their production and economy have fallen dramatically, their country needs a boost to lift them out of the black hole, if not…their world would disintegrate.

COVID has hurt many people, companies, and jobs. But it also saved the environment and countless animal lives. It is up to us to keep the beneficial changes permanent.

Written by Rand Mudafr

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