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Lost keys, pseudonyms and the rightful owner.

Bitcoin; it is a word we've all heard plenty of times in the last few years. Even if we don't have anything to do with it, it is constantly appearing on our feed with numerous stories. From a man who suggested it's value years ago and asked everyone to buy it when it was cheap on youtube, to thousands of creators (many self-proclaimed) recommending ways to own it easily - Bitcoin has been all over the internet. Although many of us may know about how people are going crazy over it in recent days, there's an interesting story about it's birth. Here, shedding more light on it, is Perspectoverse's Anthahkarana.


There has been numerous speculations over who was the creator of Bitcoin. A popular (perhaps a bit apt too) theory suggests that it is Elon Musk. Some theorize Drug dealer Paul Le Roux, Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki to be the creators of Bitcoin. The fact is that there is no shortage for the number of people who have been conjectured to be that person (or organization). And these people are not merely known as the alleged creators of Bitcoin - they are known by a name, a pseudonym by which the original creator of Bitcoin has published his work. And that name continues to be the identity of the original Bitcoin creator (it is still on the official Bitcoin website). The search for the identity of the person with this pseudonym still makes many crypto and mystery enthusiasts scratch their head. It can be argued that this is the greatest mystery of the crypto era! And the pseudonym is SATOSHI NAKAMOTO!

There have been many trials and investigations over cracking the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. People from all over the world have been accused (Many have been accused with substantial evidence too!). Even a person named Satoshi Nakamoto, from the US, has been alleged to be the creator. For this article, I am discussing a recent trial regarding Satoshi Nakamoto.

An Australian entrepreneur named Craig Wright has been in the news recently (Early December 2021), as he was fighting claims from the family of his deceased business partner - David Kleiman. The family claimed that Kleiman and Wright were the creators of bitcoin, and hence - half of more than $50 billion of the original bitcoin belonged to them. Wright did win the battle, a Florida jury established that he did not owe the money. His lawyers stated that Kleiman and Wright were a pair of friends who worked together, but their affiliation had no relationship whatsoever with bitcoin's creation.

The saga ends here? No. Wright claims he is Nakamoto. Now to prove himself as Nakamoto, Wright needs to behold that he controls some of the original Bitcoin. Experts say that it is completely possible for the creator to have lost the original bitcoin (which means the key to access them). (A wide-known story relating to this is that of a German-born programmer - Stefan Thomas - who has two guesses left to figure out his password to access his bitcoin.) But without the key (or the original bitcoin), it cannot be proved that one is Satoshi Nakamoto and the search continues..

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is, they have changed our world big time ! Though Facebook wasn't the world's first social media, it revolutionised our planet, And the same goes for bitcoin. Keeping track of these trials and investigations is a joy in itself.

Written by Anthahkarana

Illustrated by Rishita Banerjee

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