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Is The World Okay?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Black persons once thought their fight for equality was over in 1865 when slavery was abolished, but almost a century and a half later, they are still fighting for the same cause; to be treated as equivalent individuals. Incidents of police brutality have risen, and blacks are now advocating for non-violent civil disobedience. George Floyd, Breonna Tayler, and Aura Rosser are some of the countless lives lost due to the corruption of the police force.

Leonard Pitts Jr., in his opinion columns about black lives compared to white lives states that whites are still unequally treating African Americans and people can’t expect them to put up with the discrimination for much longer. America is obsessed with the threat of violence from dark-skinned foreigners while white extremist violence has risen and overlooked which leads to the unfair basic human rights treatment towards people of color. Pitts lists examples of irrational treatment, like when more than 15 white policemen with guns demanded to be let inside the house of Dameon Shepard to question him about a missing person’s case, but in fact, it wasn’t Dameon. As well as how people protesting human rights are met with guns and pepper spray, while when people (mostly whites), protest social distancing, they are praised by the president. It is unacceptable that the world has tolerated and simply ignored these dreadful situations. How is it that people have stooped so low that they do not sympathize for their fellow personage?

Persons are risking their lives and their loved ones during the current Covid-19 pandemic but are met relentlessly. This is evidence that many people are selfish; they're cautious, but only cautious for themselves.

This occurrence could have been avoided if individuals grasped the world’s circumstances. This occurrence could have been avoided if people cared for each other.

This occurrence could have been avoided if people saw how mentally and physically exhausting it is for persons of color to deal with this nonsense.

But no, individuals are uneducated and foolish. Not only are they hurting black people by disregarding what they have to say; but they are partially responsible for increasing the number of Covid cases. People are dying from this virus, but no one seems to absorb that.

On May 25, 2020, the death of George Floyd brought an uprising all over America. People started to realize and comprehend the severity of the situation. We are talking about basic human rights so why is it so hard to give these people what they want; merely what they need and should have. It’s unjust and cruel to think otherwise. The picture above represents the increase in support after Floyd’s death; and extra 25% of people have shown support for the BLM movement! And the picture below marks where protests have risen, it’s astonishing to see that there’s hope in humanity.

All lives do matter, yes, but that statement will always be proven invalid until Black Lives Matter.

Written by Rand Mudafr

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