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January 12 th , 2021, the day I’ll never forget. It was 3:30 a.m. when I heard a loud thud

and my mom screaming. I was still very groggy because I had just woken up but when I walked over to her, the world stopped. My dad was on the floor, not responsive, and lying-in blood... I thought he died. When I think about this moment, I cannot even begin to explain how I feel. I felt both emotionless and unable to fathom anything at all and null; but I also felt my heart shatter at the thought of my dad, my best friend, lose his life.

I immediately called 911 and as I go to check his pulse, he wakes up. The ambulance

arrived and got him to the hospital which he was then diagnosed with Covid-19. My dad had a seizure and went into asystole because of Covid, and he only became a host for this lusus

naturae, because he felt the need to provide for his family and go to work. People are dying, yet individuals find it okay to set that aside; people disregard simple social distancing policies in stores, and some won't even wear masks. The US has 3 times as many cases as the 2nd most infected country and we still haven't done anything, we’ve gotten nowhere.

This day has replayed in my head more than a thousand times and each time I wonder

how people could be so selfish when it comes to the matter of a Worldwide pandemic. Even

before he was diagnosed, I always felt ashamed that I was a part of the human race, no one cared about anyone but themselves. I haven't been able to understand why human decency has significantly deteriorated, but as the days went on, I realized that it’s because they genuinely believe they are right. People truly, with all their hearts, trust that Covid is a hoax or some government plan to succumb humanity to its feet.

As someone who has experienced Covid herself, I assure you that that is not the case. My

entire family had different symptoms: I had body-aches which involuntarily made me stay in

bed, my mother had migraines the size of Earth itself, my cousin couldn’t keep down anything he ate which forced him to go to the hospital like my dad, my other cousin lost his taste and smell, and my uncle also lingered in bed because his lungs started to fail him.

Covid is not a joke, take it seriously, wear your masks, maintain social distancing, and

think about your actions before partaking in them because you could cause the death of an innocent soul.

Written by Rand Mudafr

Illustrated by Carissa Tran

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