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Welcome to the PERSPECTOVERSE :)

We live in a world surrounded by hyper-partisan perspectives and people who are thought to be correct only because they said so. We have forgotten how to listen, how to observe, how to learn, That is when we must ask ourselves: Do I want to be that person? Do I want to be the person who imposes their views, who is intolerant to a community based on something as trivial as sex, race, age or religion?

Let us tell you; you have been subjected to some form of discrimination or injustice at least once in your short life and may have simply waved it off. 

Perspectoverse is a platform to prevent that. We are here to help identify problems around you, educate yourself on them, form views based on your knowledge and finally, advocate for change. We are here to help you reach out to a diverse set of people from across the globe and come together as the

Global Youth of the Next Generation.


Urvi Agarwal

Founder - CEO

"I am a fifteen-year-old with a strong passion for advocacy, writing, social and economic change. After engaging in a number of activities such as blogs and conducting workshops advocating for social change, I decided to create a platform for unfiltered discourse among a diverse set of people to mobilise their opinions on the dynamic changes taking place around us. Now more than ever, it is time for us to critique on social, political and economic change and, unveil the injustice we are being subjected to."


Shreya Datta


A 16-year-old from India, Shreya is fascinated by Indie-Rock bands, politics, art and can't wait to go to college. She's the person you can rely on for validation, political rebellion and the coolest playlists in the world. Her unyielding passion for everything she does inspires us to keep going every day! 


Anvita Tripathi

Editor and Head of Writing

The human version of Tumblr.

Chances are, she can quite literally romanticise anything you can say. Her never-ending rants on journalistic writing will be the reason why your meetings feel lively. Watch out, she will most definitely correct your grammar when you go wrong. 

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